Frankenstein’s Daughter (1958) (The Film Detective Special Edition) Available October 19

Look at her! She lives! So says Dr. Oliver Frank at the sight of his new creation, a hulking beast with the transplanted brain of a beautiful young woman. He has finally carried on the legacy of his late grandfather, the notorious Dr. Frankenstein! The twist in Frankenstein\x27s Daughter (1958) is that it takes place in modern Los Angeles, where teenagers are forever in swim gear. Even as news reports warn them about a female monster menacing the neighborhood, nothing stops these kids from partying by the poolside. Fans of low\-budget horror will see some familiar faces in the cast, including John Ashley, Harold Lloyd Jr., and former Playboy Playmate of the Month, Sally Todd (just a year after her appearance in The Unearthly). For Director Richard E. Cunha, Frankenstein\x27s Daughter was part of a productive year where he turned out three other cult favorites: She Demons; Giant from the Unknown; and Missile to the Moon. And though Donald Murphy lacked the schlock pedigree of his director and co\-stars, his thousand\-watt stare makes him a perfectly evil Dr. Frank.

STARRING: John Ashley, Harold Lloyd Jr.

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