Heavenly Blues Available September 19

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Author: Ben Kahn

Heavenly Blues is a fantastical, philosophical heist comic book story that sends its team of deceased thieves across Heaven and Hell. Written by Ben Kahn and illustrated by Bruno Hidalgo, published monthly by Scout Comics.

The heist is on! All the plans are in motion, and the die is cast. The souls of the greatest thieves in Hell are teaming up to pull the ultimate heist on Heaven!

Isaiah Jefferson, a bank robber betrayed by his own gang, is aiming for one last shot at greatness. Erin Foley died a pre-teen scam artist and wants to lash out at the judgment system that damned her. When a suspicious angel comes offering a deal too good to be true, this unlikely duo will get the chance they’ve been waiting for. They’ll assemble a crew of broken souls, and gamble it all on a desperate fight against a terrifying Archangel lord. With nothing but their wits and their grit, this band of thieves will take on everything Heaven and Hell can throw at them to pull off the heist of an after-lifetime.

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