Day Care by John A. Russo Available March 14

Author: John A. Russo

From the devious mind who co-created Night of the Living Dead comes a frightening cautionary tale about the lengths some parents will go to in order to make their children “special”…

Fairchild Academy, celebrated as one of the most prestigious and innovative schools in the country, hides a dark and disturbing secret. Their lauded methods of bringing out the “genius” in a child are, at best, terrifying, and at worst…barbaric.

Augie, one of Fairchild’s success stories, has his sights set on far greater achievements than his parents–or the Academy’s doctors–could have ever hoped for. He intends to use his skills to rule the world…or does he?

Felicia Patterson, current golden child of Fairchild Academy, finds herself in the sights of a maniacal predator with little hope for survival.

For Shana Berkshire, a very young Fairchild Academy hopeful, things are about to get horrifying in ways her young mind can’t even conceive. Will she become yet another victim, or will her extraordinary abilities save her from a fate worse than death?

Sometimes, stimulating a child’s mind can have terrifying results…

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