She Freak (1967) Available August 31

Fed up with waitressing, Jade Cochran (Claire Brennen) embarks on a new life with a traveling carnival. But she discovers that what lurks behind the curtain doesn’t take too kindly to her backstabbing plans. A gutter-noir reworking Tod Browning’s Freaks and a valentine to the carnival lifestyle that defined the career of producer David F. Friedman (Blood Feast), She Freak is a snapshot of life, love, and revenge on the grounds of a seedy carnival in Smalltown, USA — complete with crackpot monster make-up effects from Harry Thomas (Plan 9 From Outer Space). Like Devo’s music and Ed Wood’s novels, She Freak creates a synthetic reality that is often preferable to our own. AGFA + Something Weird are beyond excited to present a dazzling 4K restoration of this essential weirdo classic.

STARRING: Claire Brennen, Lee Raymond, Lynn Courtney, Bill McKinney, Claude Earl Jones

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