The Lamp (1987) (aka The Outing) Available August 31

After a group of thieves decide to ransack the home of a strange, old Gypsy woman, murdering her in the process, they unwittingly free a vengeful genie named Jinn who has been held captive for centuries in an ancient oil lamp. Soon after, the lamp is acquired by a local museum. But as Alex Wallace, daughter of the museum’s curator, decides to sneak a group of her friends into the museum after hours for a night of partying, she doesn’t realize that Jinn is looking for a new ‘keeper’ and that Alex is the perfect vessel to carry out the genie’s diabolical actions…Primed with an assortment of gruesome deaths and a very dark sense of humor, Tom Daley’s The Lamp (aka The Outing) is a wild, Texas lensed, mid 80s supernatural horror gem. Starring Deborah Winters (Kotch), James Huston (Ray, Powder), and featuring the voice of cult actor Jackson Bostwick (TV’s Shazam, The Prey) as the voice of murderous genie, Jinn, Vinegar Syndrome is delighted to resurrect The Lamp on Blu-ray, featuring a brand new 2K restoration and an extended making-of documentary featuring new interviews with its cast and crew, thus finally allowing the incredible story of its production to be told!

STARRING: Deborah Winters, James Huston, Andra St. Ivanyi, Danny Daniels, Barry Coffing

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