Mr. Grin (The Braddock & Gray Case Files Book 9) by H.P. Bayne Available April 30

Author: H.P. Bayne

A century ago, a famed ventriloquist’s dummy was the sole witness to murder. Named Mr. Grin, the puppet vanished after the brutal death of its owner, taking its secret into the shadows.

But Mr. Grin is back—and is ready to talk.

The recent acquisition of Mr. Grin by the Kimotan Rapids Historical Museum feels like a lucky gain.

At first.

When the dummy begins to move, seemingly of its own accord, investigators Sully and Dez are called in. The museum director is hopeful she’s dealing with a prankster.

The truth is something far more terrifying.

What is causing Mr. Grin to come to life in the dead of night? Who was responsible for the death of the ventriloquist? And what dangers lie in wait for those who cross paths with the dummy and the ghost haunting it?

Sully and Dez need to find out—or the next death Mr. Grin witnesses might be one of theirs.