Blood Tide – Taking a dip with death clip

Terror strikes in paradise as Academy Award-winning actors James Earl Jones, José Ferrer and Lila Kedrova star in this thrilling tale of sea monsters and sacrificial virgins, from the people that brought you the notoriously gruesome Island of Death! When treasure hunter Frye (James Earl Jones) accidentally awakens an ancient sea monster that has been lying dormant on a Greek island, the inhabitants are forced to resume the practice of sacrificing virgins in order to placate the demonic creature. Blood Tide is a suspense-filled creature feature surging with blood, nudity and beachside aerobics!

Blood Tide is part of our new curated Bodies of Water Collection. With the weather heating up you may be tempted to cool off with a refreshing dip in your nearest expanse of clear, cool aqua. Not for long though, because we are here to give you the fear RE: any and every stretch of H20 imaginable, from being drenched in the spine-tingling tension of J-horror classic, Dark Water, to the modern mental monochrome mania of man versus monster in Lake Michigan Monster.

There’s all-out aquatic action either featuring James Earl Jones, in Blood Tide, or featuring heaps of ultraviolence, in Island of Death; a lagoon containing the prince of darkness himself, in Lake of Dracula; and just for funsies, and to not entirely begin you on the path to aquaphobia, there’s the zany sex-comedy musical about a woman who falls in love with the creature in her lake, Underwater Love (UK and Ireland only). Think Shape of Water but absolutely bonkers. So come get shocked and soaked in our Bodies of Water season!

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