I’m Gonna Kill Her! : The Origin of Kristin by Buzz Parcher Available March 8

Author: Buzz Parcher

Kristin is one of the most vile and ruthless characters in the ‘Rotten’ universe. ‘I’m Gonna Kill Her!’ is the gruesome and bloody story of how she came to be.

Part I: Early Life

Violence is an integral part of Kristin’s existence from the day she is born. Manipulation and brutality are all she knows. Death follows her everywhere.

Throughout her childhood, Kristin and her mother are constantly on the run. They travel from town to town, bringing only suffering, and leaving nothing but ashes in their wake.

Kristin’s growing penchant for sadism leads to the destruction of one family after another, earning her the crown of the ultimate mean girl.

Part II: Murder Party

Now adults, the survivors of Kristin’s past are brought together by an influential stranger to throw a murder party in Kristin’s honor. Will they succeed in finally getting their revenge? Or is this Kristin’s opportunity to finish them off, once and for all?