Marked for Desecration : Games of the Underworld by YD La Mar Available March 21

Author: YD La Mar

In the game of war, you have to move the right pieces.

Queens dominate the board and threaten their King’s destruction.

Clans will be made pawns and in the end, only one will rise.

In my subtle climb to power, the carnage left in my wake could be seen a thousand miles away.

Hidden behind the dresses and finery, I’ve washed my hands clean with a demure smile.

But among the sea of admirers I’ve collected like organs in glass jars, one dares to stand above the rest.

This unknown fanatic proves to be even more bloodthirsty.

Will I be able to unravel the mystery of my new devotee through the crimson coated gifts he leaves behind?

Or will I be caught dead in his little game of predator and prey.

They say kings pursue what they want.

They’ve never met a woman like me.