Rebirth : Phoenix Fire Series by J. Truesdell & Michelle Savage Available March 21

Author: J. Truesdell & Michelle Savage

Born into good. Hunted by evil.

Destiny can be controlled, can fate?


I had always felt different, my mother had called me special, but it was more than that. Since I was a young girl something inside me could be felt, an energy that with each year grew in power. Yet, magic wasn’t real. Was it? I had asked myself this question throughout my life and never believed I would gain the answer I so longed to have. With my powers growing they quickly became a danger to everyone around me. I felt lost, confused, unaware of just what was ahead.


I had been born into the typical family, at a time where life was simple. That is until, as fate would have it, the world changed, and I quickly learned the beast that hides within us all. As time moved forward my family and I grew into legend and prepared for the battle that was sure to come. When the time arose, I had one mission, ensure the survival of all I held close. Nothing would stand in my way.