Revenge of the Furballs (24/7 Demon Mart Book 5) by D.M. Guay Available March 13

Author: D.M. Guay

One loser, one talking cockroach, and one karate-chopping bombshell stand between YOU and a menacing army of…fat, adorable hamsters? Wait. Back up.

Lloyd Wallace has been through a lot these past few months. He’s stopped the zombie apocalypse, fought off demonic possession by the deadly sin of sloth, and helped the grim reaper get his job back. All he wants is to retreat to his oasis—Okay, so it’s not an oasis. It’s his childhood bedroom, in his parents’ house, but still—to rest and recharge. Easy, right

Nope. First, he finds a mysterious hamster with a terrible attitude and sharp teeth in his closet. Then his manager—a salty, foul-mouthed hard-partying cockroach—moves in with him. When his employee manual takes over his beanbag, and his disgraced guardian angel hides from the Lord’s wrath in the closet, it’s clear Lloyd’s room is no longer a peaceful sanctuary. It’s become a crash pad for wayward supernatural creatures.

Things outside the house are even worse. 24/7 Demon Mart is infested with hamsters. Hungry vampires are attacking people on the street, unraveling the uneasy truce between the werewolves and vampires. If they can’t convince their fanged and furry neighbors to kiss and make up, the 24/7 Demon Mart crew will be caught in the middle of a war.

Can Lloyd and the Demon Mart crew maintain the delicate balance that holds the magical community together? Or will the entire neighborhood—and Lloyd’s life—fall apart? And where the hell are all these hamsters are coming from?

Find out in Revenge of the Furballs: 24/7 Demon Mart 5.

Revenge of the Furballs is a vampires vs werewolves horror comedy, with a side of hamsters. Lots and lots of hamsters. It is the fifth book in the 24/7 Demon Mart series, a humorous urban fantasy and horror-comedy book series for fans of Christopher Moore (Bloodsucking Fiends), Dave Turner (How to be Dead), Jack Townsend (Tales from the Gas Station), A. Lee Martinez (Gil’s All Fright Diner), Rick Gualtieri (Bill the Vampire), and Johnny Truant’s Fat Vampire series.