Walking The Darkness Down : The Redemption of Howard Marsh 5 by Bob McGough Available March 15

Author: Bob McGough

Howard Marsh has returned, and he’s just as ornery as ever! Once again caught up in a pair of mysteries set in the backwoods of Alabama’s Lost County, our favorite redneck wizard is up to his eyeballs in shenanigans.

In “Hot Times on the Shores” Marsh hears two words he never thought to encounter together: sex ghost. There isn’t enough stolen wine in Jubal County to drag him into such a mess…or is there? What is causing the aged inhabitants that line the Shores to become so ‘frisky?’ What is lurking there beneath the blue-brown waves? What does Lidda have to do with it all?

In “Nose to the Grindstone” our hero gets a job as a night watchman. Why would anyone with sense hire him to guard their valuables? What has Horace the possum familiar too scared to enter the woods? Just what did the MacGregors leave behind?

Marsh is once more on the case and just as unwilling as ever!