An Assassin’s Vengeance by Tom Cleverly Available April 6

Author: Tom Cleverly

An Assassin’s Vengeance is a gripping dark fantasy novel that takes readers on a journey through an unforgiving world of danger and magic.

The story follows the journey of Gilmir, a tortured elven assassin seeking revenge against those who have wronged him. He has lost everything that mattered to him, and only his determination and desire for revenge have kept him alive. His path to vengeance is not a simple one.

Along the way, Gilmir meets young Ada. The runaway street girl possesses a rare gift which has made her a target for those who seek to use her powers for their own gain. Ada is initially wary of the somber elf, but she eventually finds he is her only hope of survival in a world filled with danger and death.

As they travel deeper into the heart of darkness, Gilmir and Ada discover the true nature of their enemies. They uncover a plot that threatens the very fabric of their world, and they must work together to stop it before it’s too late.

The action in An Assassin’s Vengeance is fast-paced and intense, with plenty of thrilling battles and confrontations. The magic system is well-developed, with a variety of spells and abilities that add depth and complexity to the story.

Despite the dark and gritty nature of the story, Cleverly infuses the novel with hope and redemption. Gilmir and Ada both have their own personal demons to confront, but they find strength in each other and their shared mission. If you are looking for a thrilling and engaging read, then “An Assassin’s Vengeance” is definitely worth your time.