Vinegar Syndrome’s Lost Picture Show!

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Vinegar Syndrome was founded, in large part, to find, restore, and release lost and otherwise unavailable films. Although these past ten years have seen us grow and expand in all sorts of directions, our sprit and drive to uncover forgotten gems and oddities from the annals of genre cinema have never wavered.

We are proud to present our most ambitious, audacious, and all around home video first, in honor of ten years of Vinegar Syndrome, we proudly present: VINEGAR SYNDROME’S LOST PICTURE SHOW, a ten-film collection of long-thought lost American genre films, all restored from their best-known and surviving elements. This wide-ranging collection covers genres from exploitation to horror to “kids” films to underground vanity projects, and a couple movies so weird they defy description!

Included are: Oliver Drake’s forgotten proto-slasher, THE LAS VEGAS STRANGLER (aka No Tears For the Damned), Larry Crane’s murder mystery/nudie, BEWARE THE BLACK WIDOW, Joe Sarno’s stirring seaside drama, DEEP INSIDE, Albert Zugsmith’s notorious bad-taste thriller, VIOLATED!, Walter Burn’s underground sexual freakout, BARBARA, James Newslow’s nuclear holocaust scare film, RED MIDNIGHT, Titus Moede’s ode to forgotten Americana, THE LAST OF THE AMERICAN HOBOES, Carlos Tobalina’s “erotic” morality tale, WHAT’S LOVE?, Charles Nizet’s sex and gore frenzy, THE SEX SERUM OF DR BLAKE (the original cut of Voodoo Heartbeat), and finally Donn Greer’s jaw dropping and unnerving, “kiddie film” and musical, THE RARE BLUE APES OF CANNIBAL ISLE (aka The Pirates of Cannibal Isle).

Vinegar Syndrome’s LOST PICTURE SHOW is now available!

What’s more is that this release also includes Elijah Drenner’s brand new, feature-length documentary AGAINST THE GRAIN, which examines how genre film focused home video companies have taken the charge in preserving, restoring, and releasing so many works which otherwise might have been lost to time.

This massive collection also comes complete with two thick, fully illustrated perfect bound books of newly written essays and historical analysis covering each of the included films.