Dr. Caligari (1989) (4K Ultra HD) Available November 14

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Mondo Macabro presents DR. CALIGARI in 4K UHD – The first US 4K UHD release for this in-demand cult classic.

As sexually deranged as it is stylistically unhinged, this psychedelic surrealist neo-noir reworking of the 1920 German expressionist classic features Laura Albert as Mrs. Van Houten, a woman whose libido is dangerously out of control. There’s only one place for her – the Caligari Insane Asylum.

Madeleine Reynal plays Dr. Caligari, the granddaughter of the original Doctor, whose own experiments in psychosexual therapy have led her to the brink of a radical treatment involving hormonal exchange. Having drugged and imprisoned Mrs. Van Houten’s sexually repressed husband, Caligari sets out to extract the brain fluid of an incurably nymphomaniac Mrs. Van Houten and inject it into the head of a cannibalistic serial killer (John Durbin) addicted to electroconvulsive therapy. What could possibly go wrong?

STARRING: Madeleine Reynal, Fox Harris, Laura Albert, Jennifer Balgobin, John Durbin


4K Ultra HD