Lycan Colony (2006) (Collector’s Edition) Available October 24

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A disgraced, alcoholic surgeon moves with his family to a small town in New Hampshire. Unknown to them, the entire town is populated with werewolves, some good and others very evil. They soon find themselves thrust into an ancient, mystical battle between the wolf packs that will change their family furever. An astoundingly ambitious and riveting example of pure outsider cinema, Lycan Colony’s reputation is well earned as every bizzare creative decision unfolds and you are dropped into its metaphysical alternate reality. Lycan Colony now enjoys its first time ever on Blu-ray and is packed with bonus features, including the full Rifftrax version and a brand new interview with writer/ producer/ director Rob Roy.

STARRING: Kristi Lynn, Bill Sykes, Kadrolsha Ona Carole, Steve Pascucci, Libby Collins