Astral Alignment Addendum by Randall Sharpe Available January 1

Author: Randall Sharpe

Supernatural horrors haunt the Earth as it approaches its apocalyptic collision with the astral plane in this ten-part anthology, the second installment in the Astral Alignment saga.

In rural Montana, a teenage girl destined for greatness is hunted by a precognitive sasquatch, while her father confronts the ghosts of his past, in a quite literal sense of the term.

Meanwhile, two best friends battle an army of lake monsters, fanatical cultists, and the sinister Delta Freya. Along the way, the pair befriend a self-proclaimed superhero, and a mysterious entity that offers one of them power at a terrible price.

Elsewhere, a San Fransisco vampire finds that her own kind may be less than desirable company, as her lawyer employs blackmail to force her into the local coven. This, on account of felony charges pressed by a seventh-dimensional guru, who later casts aside his physical form to seek wisdom in the swirling chaos of the Aether.

Then, as a consequence of his transcendent meddling, a certain legendary king reappears on the British isles, just in time to thwart the plots of an alien sorceress.

Finally, a rideshare driver has a chance encounter with a deranged alien abductee. After her plot to steal from the lunatic is realized, research into his ravings earns her fame as a renowned conspiracy theorist. So renowned that she winds up kidnapped by Delta Freya and held hostage on a submarine, where she is forced to lead a perilous expedition into the Earth’s hidden underground world.

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