The Vengeful Spirit by Benjamin Otaigho Available April 16

Author: Benjamin Otaigho

The story revolves around the tragic death of a young woman named Sarah, who committed suicide after being bullied by her classmates. Her vengeful spirit begins to haunt those responsible for her death, including Emily, one of her former classmates. Emily sets out to uncover the truth about Sarah’s death and attempts to put her spirit to rest.

Through her investigation, Emily discovers the role that bullying played in Sarah’s death and confronts her own complicity in the bullying. With the help of a psychic, Emily is able to communicate with Sarah’s spirit and ultimately puts her to rest, finding closure for both herself and Sarah.

The story highlights the importance of mental health awareness, the dangers of bullying, and the power of community in coming together to overcome tragedy. Emily emerges as an advocate for these causes, determined to make a positive change in the world.

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