Blind Faith (1989) Available March 26

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Ted Partridge is a mass murdering serial killer going around killing unsuspecting women, brutally torturing them beyond imagination. It is up to Detective William Lindsay and Psychologist Richard Stroud to try to stop this killer before more innocent people meet their maker.

Based upon the true story of Philadelphia serial killer Gary Heidnik, BLIND FAITH is an unsung late 80s regional slasher/thriller hybrid that uniquely unravels to one of the most jaw dropping final moments. VHSHITFEST is so happy to bring this movie to disc for the first time, along with hours and hours of extras that showcase the forty year career of director Dean Wilson.

STARRING: Kevin Yon, David Winick, Doris Quest, Mary Keith Roe

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Blind Faith (1989) Original Trailer

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We are so happy to announce our newest blu-ray is for the late 80s underrated and underseen gem, Blind Faith. Based on the true story of Gary Heidnik, a Philadelphia serial killer, Blind Faith perfectly blends horror and slasher elements with true crime thriller elements and is bound to become a future cult classic.

We loaded this release with hours and hours of extras including new interviews, new commentary, bonus movies (including a 70s feature-length corrupt cop movie that was never released), and much more. Also, this trailer was thought to be lost, too. It was only included on an extremely rare screener tape that no one had. We pulled off a miracle and managed to find maybe the only one in existence.

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