Blood Boy by Phil Hill Available January 1

Author: Phil Hill

It’s not easy being a vampire.

The superhuman strength, ageless immortality, and undead powers make vampirism seem like an appealing deal, but a hundred years of crippling loneliness will wear anyone down.

And for one innocent 10-year-old boy who finds himself transformed into an immortal creature of the night, it opens a can of worms that will have horrifying consequences for everyone he crosses paths with.

Like the innocent young girl who unwittingly steals his heart… Or the loud-mouthed jerk who starts building a harem of undead women… Or the scores of sinners and criminals deserving righteous punishment. Not to mention the shadowy witch who has big and sinister plans for him.

You see, being a vampire has its fair share of problems – especially when you’re stuck in the body of a ten-year-old for all of eternity.

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