Brand of Malice : The Cleric’s Curse by Travis Kowlessar Available April 4

Author: Travis Kowlessar

A thrilling fantasy adventure with a paranormal horror at its core, this debut novel puts a supernatural spin on a classic coming of age fantasy adventure that you just won’t be able to put down.

William could feel its presence in the air, filling his lungs with every breath and sending a chill running down his spine. But how was he to know what this feeling really was? He was just a stable boy, spending his days shoveling dung and chasing after his childhood sweetheart. How could he have known that the battle of the gateway was about to be dropped right on his doorstep?

As he finds himself abruptly plunged into a dark world aflame with malice, William’s fate becomes inextricably bound to that of a monster from another world. The only hope he has of finding a way out is through the knight’s college, where he just might uncover the answers he’s searching for within its forbidden library.

He’s locked in a race against time as the malevolent entity works to finish what it has started, but if the knights catch even a whiff of his dark secret then William is doomed.

If you are looking for an insidiously dark fantasy adventure full of knights and monsters, then this is the book for you. Taking place in a medieval inspired fantasy realm recovering from a catastrophic war between worlds, William and his best friend Eric are about to find out that not only is the war far from over, but sometimes it’s hard to know where your sword ends and the monster begins.

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