The Door in the Mountain by Chris Cornetto Available April 4

Author: Chris Cornetto

Some things lost should not be found, no matter what the wind tells you.

Down on his luck and out of food, Rorik is resigned to sell his only heirloom—a family ring with a mysterious symbol. When a stranger invites him to seek a dead man’s fortune, he sees his chance at last. But as his fellow treasure hunters start turning up dead, Rorik finds himself with more to fear than cliffs and ice. There’s no turning back. Not when the wind whispers of destiny.

The Door in the Mountain is a dark, character-driven fantasy adventure in the vein of Abercrombie, with a dash of Lovecraft for spice. Step off the edge of the map into the wraith-haunted frontier, where madness and death await the unwary. Come seek the Door, but think twice before looking within.

You can find several additional stories by Chris Cornetto set in the same fantasy world as The Door in the Mountain, some of which have appeared in magazines such as Metaphorosis, Wyldblood, and DreamForge. His story “Shadow and Full Dark” was a finalist for the Baen Fantasy Adventure Award.

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