Coil Of Bone (The Aspect Wars Book 3) by Jesse Sprague Available April 4

Author: Jesse Sprague

Being the most powerful death mage in the universe is fun.

Until the magic bites back.

To Flynt, dealing death is both enjoyable and natural. She’s finally content on the Coil space station serving Queen Milisade and adventuring across the universe with her lover Lem. But then Milisade defies the consensus of all the other Coils and sends Flynt and Lem on a secret mission to revitalize a long-dead space station, an act that just might start an intergalactic war.

And following the queen’s plans means Flynt and Lem can never return home. Flynt agrees to the mission but with an ulterior motive. As long as she’s breaking Coil law on behalf of the queen, why not employ highly illegal resurrection magic to bring back her late husband? But with spies on the ship and agents of foreign Coils in pursuit, Flynt and Lem also face the added complication of slipping further into insanity each time they use their powers. Flynt struggles to complete her mission, protect the man she loves from his own deadly magic, resurrect the man who started her journey, and stop the impending destruction of the universe, all without going insane from her own death magic.

In Coil of Bone, join Flynt’s dangerous journey—with magic, love, and the fate of the universe on the line, this epic space opera will keep you turning the pages until the very end.

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