Comeuppance : Dark & Twisted Tales by Molly Garcia Available March 2

Author: Molly Garcia

8 Tales of Comeuppance.

Enter a dark world, where those who most deserve it, get their comeuppance.


Who is the watcher?

His creatures are hungry and they need to feed on those who deserve it.

Greed Box

If you were offered a wish would you use it for yourself or someone else?

Would you be willing to pay the price, no matter how high?


Is the new cleaning product too good to be true, and what lives in tunnel 28?


Shirley hates everyone and everything, but this time she’s gone too far.

Someone wants her soul for his collection.


Melvin is disappointed in his life, it’s dull and too ordinary.

It’s certainly not how he’d planned it to turn out, but he soon wishes he could go back to boring when his vivid dreams of murder start to come true.

A Handy Shortcut

Steve likes to drive too fast. He’s impulsive and thoughtless.

Then he spots a handy shortcut home, but it doesn’t lead to any place he wants to go.

Poison Pie

Dave found murder easier than he’d thought.

The problem was, the dead wouldn’t stay dead.


Gina likes to host parties, but when she hosts something else, it’s anything but fun.

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