Devil Child (CELESTE Book 4) by Amélia Cognet Available March 21

Author: Amélia Cognet

The worst monsters are often human.

Five years after The Faceless, Riley and James are building a life together, but several failed attempts at building a family is shaking the strength of their relationship. It feels as though things couldn’t get worse until someone from James’s past unexpectedly resurfaces. Charles, his younger brother, reaches out after thirteen years. Hikers have vanished in the woods without leaving a trace, and he needs James’s help to solve the case.

James wants to refuse. After all, why would he help someone who did nothing but torture him when they were kids? Someone his own ex-wife cheated on him with? But something else convinces him to return to his hometown. His mother is ill, and it could be his last chance to make things right with her.

This isn’t about Riley this time.

Or is it?

As they investigate the Willow Hills Forest, Riley and James will have to set aside their disagreements to fight something they have never faced before.

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