Rescuing Air (Elementi Book 5) by Elizabeth Knight Available April 30

Author: Elizabeth Knight

The Dark Lord has gone too far. It’s time to end these games.

Just when they thought they might have a chance to enjoy what’s left of their summer, now Jay’s mother is in danger, taken to be used against us. Pushed and pulled in every direction and still trying to pick up the pieces after the latest betrayal, Lailah and her remaining Knights struggle to make headway on stopping the Dark Lord.

Tired and frustrated after only finding dead ends, the group decides their only option is all hands on deck. Including Parker. No one wants him back in the mix, but the Knights need what only he can do with technology and his element.

Searching for the army the Dark Lord has been building seems to take them further, and further from the truth. The demon world is treacherous and full of lies. To survive they’ll need to believe and trust in each other—will they be able to manage that? Can they set aside everything that’s come before and ignore the tricks that demons play?

Each new challenge seems tougher, worse than the last. Will the angels finally step in, or is it going to be up to the Elemental Warriors to save everyone? Time is running out, and only fate will decide if their light is bright enough to defeat a Prince of Hell.

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