Teenage Grave by Filthy Loot Available April 30

Author: Filthy Loot

Featuring: Jo Quenell, Sam Richard, Brendan Vidito & Justin Lutz

Teenage Grave brings together four of the most brutally frank and intricately surreal fictions from the modern horror underground. Combining elements of splatterpunk, body horror, and transgressive fiction. Teenage Grave will lay you bare before severing your nerves. Smiling a little too much while doing it.

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Lazer Mall by Filthy Loot Available April 30

Author: Filthy Loot

Three novellettes by three different horror authors, each one implored to contain two very specific things: LAZERS and MALLS. The variety between these three stories was great, as each author took the concept and made it their own. And while the book might be labelled as ‘horror’ there are healthy doses of weirdness and humor running through the veins of each of these tales. A short read (seriously, it only took me like 2 hours to read the whole thing) but a helluva good time.- Danger Slater (author, I Will Rot Without You and Puppet Skin) Just when you thought it was safe to go to the mall…

Three authors (Katy Michelle Quinn, Jo Quenell, Sam Richard) of the strange, the unsettling, and the bizarre each conjure their own vision of lazer-infused mall-horror. From queer mall-goths fighting for their lives against androids with explosive genitals, to the American propaganda machine using coerced shock-rocker punk musicians to fight Soviet Communism, to a mall security officer high on the power of robots who seeks to crush the women who’ve scorned him.

We have it all, and more…

Welcome to the LAZERMALL.

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