Flesh Eaters (2023) Official Movie Trailer SRS Cinema

Horror film veterans George Stover (Nightbeast) and Leanna Chamish (Stakes) star alongside Jordan Leigh Wheatley, Grant Karazsia, Jed Brian and Tara Bixler in this gory throwback to 1970’s drive-in second features! A young woman named Isabella receives an invite to a party in the swampland. Heeding the warning from a local tour guide that something sinister is taking place in the marshes, Isabella and her friend Gretchen press on. Soon after they are captured and find themselves prisoners of a deranged scientist and his ghastly creations. Now it’s up to Isabella’s sister and her husband, along with a researcher, to locate the whereabouts of the mysterious laboratory before the young women are transformed into part of a flesh-eating army! From cult filmmaker James Ian Mair and Moonlight Films.

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