Backdoor Carnivore by G G Gilt Available April 1

Author: G G Gilt

Abused by the clergy in his youth, Seamus Connelly lives alone on his family farm on the outskirts of Dublin. Damaged and reclusive, his only constants are Nad his 3 legged cat, gay nightclub owner and best buddy, Macker, and Macker’s mentally challenged bulldog, Nuggets. Seamus drinks (of course he does, he’s feckin Irish) and attempts to dull the nightmares of the past.

Waking one morning, Seamus discovers his arse has evolved into a voracious, carnivorous mouth. After his initial shock, Seamus accepts his once-hated body’s metamorphosis as a powerful gift. And weapon. With Macker’s reluctant help, Seamus resolves to face the trauma of his past and exact savage revenge on the two priests responsible.

What lines are you willing to cross for friendship and catharsis?

Backdoor Carnivore is crammed with dark Irish humor. graphic images of sex, and body horror.

Trigger Warning: Backdoor Carnivore also contains a scene where a ravenous arse eats a cat (actually, there’s a lot sicker stuff than that). You’ve been warned.

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