Lure of the Mummy by J. S. May Available March 15

Author: J. S. May

Semi-mythical Pharaoh Khonsu-Ma’at-Amun has fascinated people for centuries, so when his deliberately destroyed statue is discovered, it joins an international tour of Ancient Egyptian artifacts. Volunteer guide Faith Kemmer is fighting her own inner demons when she realizes that there is more to the statue than simple stone. There is a spreading epidemic of uncharacteristic behavior and strange deaths going through the volunteers and patrons of the exhibit.

Forming an uneasy partnership with cynical Detective Ralph Lipscomb and Dr. Richard Hunt, the bull-headed archaeologist who discovered the statue, Faith must not only confront her own history and the strange, unexpected connection with Dr. Hunt in her past, but a religious fanatic who is convinced that she is his Heaven-determined helpmeet and, worst of all, a terrible curse which has resonated through history. Then, as the curse increases in power and a radical minority group tries to hijack the exhibit for its own violent agenda, the stone statue begins to regenerate…

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