Days of Darkness by N.M. Lambert Available April 4

Author: N.M. Lambert

Sometimes water is thicker than blood.

Andre Robinson had never received a normal childhood. Being given a male name at birth and being taken away from her father at age one, she was forced into her mother’s overprotective care where she was rarely allowed to leave the house and endured a sugar-coated homeschooling experience. For ten years, she had questions about who her father was and periodically dreamt about him living with her and her mother in a secluded cabin in the woods. Yet whenever she brought up the topic of her father for discussion, her mother would evade it and send her away.

On the night of her eleventh birthday, an unfathomable accident led to the sudden death of her mother, and she was taken away from Ivanestible and put into her father’s custody. At first, her father seemed kind and loving, but lurking within his warm-colored human aura rested a color that was dark and sinister, almost black. For two years, she struggled to decipher what the dark part of his aura meant, which led to a truth that was more horrible than she imagined.

This is the first installment of Andre’s story before she got involved with Roseway.

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