Fantasia by Ruth Watson-Morris Available March 20

Author: Ruth Watson-Morris


Fantasia, Orion, Sky, Emmina and Drakos have been chosen as one of a few to be evacuated into a small dome shaped moon bass on Titan, a moon of Saturn. Whilst there her past catches up with her and those she thought she could trust are found to be hiding a secret.. The story of a warrior princess that had lived a life on Earth believing she and her family are human, she discovers her true genealogy after being shipped away from Earth as it faces the chimes of doom.

Falling in love with the planet and those who live on it, Fantasia and her people battle those who are out to destroy Earth and enslave the people who have been left on the planet. Meeting many heroes along the way, Fantasia discovers evolved dinosaurs, wolves, dragons, Angels and Demons.

A kick ass warrior story and just the first instalment of this fast pace trilogy.

Vox is a planet in the Mythus galaxy, that looks like an eye looking down on all around it. The Voxians are warriors with all kinds of super powers, all ruled by their angel King Kathos, son of the fates, protector of the Multiverse.

If you like your warriors hot, then the Voxians are edge of your seat full of excitement, adventure and tragedy.

This avengers type story will blow your mind!

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