Plutocracy of the Gods (The Sendyne Empire Series Book 3) by Seth Hobbs Available April 1

Author: Seth Hobbs

Utterly ambitious in size and scope, this final installment of the Sendyne Empire Trilogy picks right up with the action and intrigue, with a shocking and blood-soaked conclusion, dripping from the blade to the page. Technology is still moving at insane speeds, as the demonic entities, known as the Vannunkye, further their goals by aiding the diabolical genius, Udo the Originator, with everything the Sons of the Planet require to usher in a new age. What Udo and the Cabal do not realize, however, is that many other pieces are in play, and they are not the only chosen agents of chaos that their evil masters may employ.

General Rotilla Voxinus, who has discovered the vile deeds and plans of Emperor Abyll Shayzzar, is forced to continue his military campaign abroad in the Long Finger. His son has escaped the clutches of the Cabal and Royal Cabinet, but his wife remains their hostage at the Voxinus estate in Ecstasy Bay.

Barthurius the Baptizer is still searching for the mysterious Messiah, as he seeks redemption by aiding Jethias Voxinus, son of the famous general. Meanwhile, the Oceanskimmers must confront a massive army of Marconko the Strong and his mammoths, while Xeno Von Oceanskimmer weighs his options, under house arrest in the fortress city of Magandair.

Mardo Burloxis and Jozzeriah the Harbinger continue their disruptive work in the Confederacy of the Midlands, as agent provocateurs of the Sendyne Empire, spreading the class warfare of the Workers’ Reservoir movement, but only to further the aims of the Cabal. Mardo does not hail from the bloodlines of the Great Broods, but his ambition knows no bounds. He searches, secretly, for a tome of unspeakable power, that might give him a level of authority that other Vannunkye worshipers can only dream of.

Raj-Zing and remnants of Bovir’s ill-fated Pirate Army have managed to escape the Three Rivers, and are blown off course in severe storms in the Southern Seas. They find themselves in a land that few have discovered, and the inhabitants are nothing they could have imagined.

Abzrielle, the clever and beautiful red haired vixen, must find a way to amuse the sadistic beast known as Hammerhead, a psychotic killer who toys with women as his tortured playthings. She languishes away in the Black Basement dungeons, searching desperately for allies and escape, as she plots her moves on the island city-state of Unaple’.

Yet, they are all about to meet a new threat, with goals that cannot be satiated with the usual reason, violence, or cajolery that mankind would normally rely upon. The Grem’eraldo are coming…from the Unknown East.

Massive battles, modern technology, epic conspiracies, terrible betrayals, criminal masterminds, painful family histories, and dark occult secrets collide in this genre-bending mindwarp of dark fantasy, sci-fi, and dystopian apocalypse!

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