The Apocalypse Rebellion by Nick Vossen Available March 21

Author: Nick Vossen

For fans of Simone St. James

A devious doomsday cult is leading civilization to the brink of extinction.

Now when they are needed most, Lilly and Quincy Swansong are worlds apart—both physically and mentally. However, they must set aside their personal struggles for one last time to deal with an ancient evil corrupting the hearts of mankind. Or they’ll die trying.

Luckily, the twins are not alone. Across the entire globe, those too strong for Haven’s brainwashing and too fond of the Earth are stoking the flames of rebellion. Unlikely alliances are made, and help arrives from distant places: from beneath the sea, from inside the earth, from the afterlife, and from the spaces between worlds.

As Lilly, Quincy, and their friends dive into Europe’s darkest corners in search of answers, four individuals rise to lead the Apocalypse Rebellion. But who are these mysterious four, and can they be trusted?

Yet even greater mysteries are afoot. Why is the resurrected corpse of Witchfynder General Matthew Hopkins possessed? And what supernatural event did the late Emily and Tobias Swansong really experience years ago?

Lilly and Quincy must piece the puzzle together before it’s too late.

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