The Black Castle – “What’s wrong with him?” Clip

Karloff stars as a doctor who risks his own life to save the captives of a mad count in The Black Castle (dir. Nathan H. Juran, 1952).

The Black Castle is one of a trio of horror tales from the vaults of Universal Pictures, all starring the iconic Boris Karloff, that feature on Universal Terror (Three films starring Boris Karloff) (Eureka Classics) Two-Disc Blu-ray which is available to PRE-ORDER NOW from the Eureka Store

In the pulse-pounding crime thriller Night Key (dir. Lloyd Corrigan, 1937), Karloff plays the eccentric inventor of a high-tech security system who is kidnapped by a gang of burglars and forced to help them commit a series of robberies.

And in the lavishly produced The Climax (dir. George Waggner, 1944), Karloff plays the house physician at an Opera house whose insane jealousy drives him to murder.

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