The Booms : Volume 2 by J.B. Available March 17

Author: J.B.

In a society of the lost, abandoned by the great cities of Vindiri, Floaters are forced to live in the unforgiving Booms, where the wind never stops blowing and an airborne drug, called dust, reigns as king. In this desolate, dystopian world, the strong flourish on massive floating ships called shelters, unfurling their sails to capture the natural winds, using whatever power they can salvage to steal from those even less fortunate.

Buzzard lives on one such mighty shelter, the Patchwork Sail. Son of the former captain. A rare Mod among common people. Buzzard must decide what he fears more; failing those most important to him, or losing them forever. When his sister goes missing, will Buzzard discover the truth and find the courage to embark on an adventure he may never return from?

But secrets, lies, mysteries, and plots blossom in every direction.

The Floaters once lived freely in these untamed lands, unburdened by the expectations of the society which deemed them unworthy. Now, a mysterious group called the Compact is disturbing that balance along with burgeoning magic few believe to be real. The watchful eyes of the cities are slowly returning, threatening to reclaim all that remains.

Buzzard and his friends struggle to survive as they find their place in a land both cruel and kind, to those with the ambition to dream.

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