The Skeleton Crew by F.M. Gomez Available April 29

Author: F.M. Gomez

Adelyn Reynolds is found unconscious in the jungles of Indonesia. An investigation later reveals she is the sole survivor of a plane crash. It has been five years since the crash. Nevertheless, she has no recollection of what happened during that time.

After moving back to the US, the young woman receives extensive psychological treatment, goes back to school, and lives a conventional life. However, she later discovers she has multiple personalities. Each of these Alter Egos possesses a unique ability. After coming to terms with her bizarre condition, she starts an Investigation Agency that handles cases of the paranormal.

Her first assignment reveals some clues about her past, but the mystery of her past remains. She also learns that others seek her father’s secret potion, and they are willing to take it by any means necessary. The secret formula has the power to unlock dark regions of the human mind. Adelyn discovers uncharted territories inside her mind.

She and her Skeleton Crew fend off evil and the forces of darkness.

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