Better Than Me by Zoe Cannon Available March 17

Author: Zoe Cannon

Seward is a torturer. He serves the conquerors who broke his kingdom’s army. He gets information from the rebels who were brave enough not to switch sides like he did. Seward is a coward.

One rebel refuses to give in. As brave as she is beautiful, she’s far too noble to break under his coarse touch. His angel.

Seward wishes he didn’t have to hurt her.

Today he’ll follow his orders and kill her, because he’s a coward. But before he does, he’ll grant her last request.

And if his angel isn’t such an angel after all… if he’s not the only with blood on his hands…

No. He has to believe in her, because she’s all he has. He’ll never lose his faith.

Even if it kills him.

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