Zombie Lover (2021) Available July 27

Lovers on the run battle Nazi zombies and a fascist hit-squad fronted by a ruthless she-wolf in this independent tale of terror. Dillon Slater is a man with a shady past, and a quick temper. Forced to flee for his life, he happens across his ex-flame Stacey, who is now married to abusive thug Michael. Michael is in the process of creating an army of undead Nazis when he discovers that Stacey and Dillon have begun an affair. What happens next is a terrifying tale of terror as a deadly zombie virus decimates the landscape as our heroes are pursued by a sadistic killer named Ilsa and her murderous legion of neo-Nazi storm-troopers.

STARRING: Kemal Yildirim, Lianne Robertson, Rami Hilmi

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