Ghost Nursing (1982) Available October 31

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Jackie is a young woman determined to reverse her bad luck. She consults the God of Gold, who advises her to “nurse a ghost”. She is given a small figure to worship, and the worship includes dripping three drops of her own blood every three days. At first, all goes well and she falls in love. But this new happiness causes Jackie to forget to worship the figure, and the spirit doesn’t like it. With good intentions, her new boyfriend, Raymond, discovers Jackie’s strange predicament and attempts an exorcism which goes horribly wrong. The spirit takes over Raymond, who starts doing nasty things…

STARRING: Norman Chu, Shirley Yim, Melvin Wong

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Ghost Nursing (1982) [Vinegar Syndrome Blu-ray Promo Trailer]

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Jackie is having bad luck with her life in Hong Kong so she travels to Thailand, believing that a change of scenery will do her well. Shortly after arriving, she learns from a mystic known as the “God of Gold” that if she agrees to “nurse” a ghost child, her fortunes will change for the better. Deciding that anything is worth trying, she sets up the required altar and begins to feed the ghost drops of her own blood. The protective young spirit helps turn her life around, but when she becomes distracted by a new boyfriend and forgets to feed the ghost, all hell breaks loose, leading the ghost to fight off an academic studying the occult and posses Jackie’s boyfriend, thus setting into effect an increasingly violent chain reaction.

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