Evil Pact (An Erich Hasse Novel Book 2) by Marc Layton Available November 14

Author: Marc Layton

Step into a supernatural suspense-fueled thrill ride with the latest book in international bestselling author Marc Layton’s Erich Hasse series. Expertly intertwining historical themes with gripping paranormal horror, Evil Pact will keep you guessing until the very last page.

Two thousand years ago, the Philosopher’s Stone disappeared. It remained a thing of legend until the year 1988, when mysterious evidence surfaces, pointing to its existence. But nobody knows who’s guarding it.

Professor Erich Hasse spent his life studying the legends of the elusive stone – and when the rumors of its existence reach him, he’s quickly drawn into a dangerous hunt that will carry him across the Mediterranean.

From the long-buried remains of the famous Library of Alexandria to a shadowy cult lurking in southern Europe, Erich and Brittany begin unravelling a web of clues – one that will pit them against a powerful supernatural force.

One question echoes in Hasse’s mind: who is the faceless figure using the stone for his own ends? But if Hasse isn’t careful, he’ll find himself a pawn in a game far bigger than he ever could have imagined…

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