Terrifying Tales (Archie Horror Presents) Available September 3

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Author: Cullen Bunn & Eliot Rahal & Sam Maggs & Tim Seeley & Magdalene Visaggio

Archie Horror continues to terrify with this collection of seven tales featuring final girls, grotesque gormands, frightening fandom, summer camp slashers and more!

This collection is a feast for any horror-hungry fans, with everything from psychological thrillers to dimension-bending sci-fi. Madam Satan and Jinx are joined by Danni Malloy, Bingo Wilkin and others in a true terror tour through the depths of Hell and back. Beware as you read stories from every corner of the Archie Horror Universe! Featuring a retro, distressed cover by horror comic master Robert Hack.

Featuring seven frightening comics…

Betty: The Final Girl: What could go wrong for Betty at a fancy remote cabin in the mountains all by herself? Is she believing too much in the horror movies she’s watched, or is someone out to get her?

Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe of Horrors: From tales of mystery meat to the unnatural visitors that dine late at night, these stories tell all about the horrors that happen at Riverdale’s beloved malt shop.

The Cult of That Wilkin Boy: Bingo Wilkin is not just a world-renowned musician, he’s also a master of manipulation with fans and followers willing to do his bidding, no matter how evil it may be.

Jinx: A Cursed Life: When Archie comes looking for help because Jughead is acting weird, Jinx Holliday and her BFF Danni Malloy embark on a mission to exorcize the demon inside.

Camp Pickens: Camp Pickens’ mysterious past shrouds a deep, dark secret — it’s cursed, and this summer all of its campers are going to find out the hard way.

Strange Science: Danni Malloy and Jinx Holliday have been transported to a warped version of Riverdale, thanks to Dilton Doiley. Now it’s up to Danni to bring them all back to the hometown they know and love.

Madam Satan: Hell on Earth: After Madam Satan waged war on Baxter High, Hell descended upon earth. Can she form an uneasy alliance with Jinx Holliday to stop the demonic rampage?


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