Ed Gein: The Musical (2010) Available March 14

It’s 1957 and Ed Gein has just been arrested after committing his second murder. Through a series of flashbacks and imagined memories we see Ed’s story through his own eyes […]

Fear (2023) Available March 14

After living through a full year of the pandemic, a group of friends gather in the remote Tahoe Mountains to stay at the “Historic Strawberry Lodge”. What was supposed to […]

Glorious (2022) Available March 14

A heartbroken man finds himself trapped in a bathroom with a strange voice who says he may be the only hope in stopping a terrible event. STARRING: Ryan Kwanten, J.K. […]

Night Of The Zodiac Available March 14

A psychotic shot-on-video filmmaker is commissioned by the aging Zodiac Killer to make a movie about him, all while collecting more Slaves for Paradice. Another popular SRS Cinema Retro release! […]

Razorback (1984) Available March 14

It’s no cute koala munching eucalyptus leaves. It’s a rhino-sized denizen of the Outback that can turn you into a blood-feast. Out of a wasteland of beauty and death comes […]