While Courting Our Demons : Part One: The Game by Philippa MaQuente Available March 15

Author: Philippa MaQuente


Take three dudes different in every way, bond ‘em together by unbreakable brotherhood, and then try to mix in enough romance to go around that won’t split them up. Sound difficult? Yeah. It is. Especially when having three wives and separate lives just won’t cut it for lifelong buddies M, C, and R. Their dream is to share themselves and their home with that certain special someone… The special someone who could share herself with all three. She’s gonna have her hands full with their kinks and cravings. She’s gotta give them all at least a kid each. And she’s got to want all three, despite the variation in their looks and behavior. Next to impossible. That didn’t stop them wishing and waiting for their perfect little girl.


The years seem to pass faster and faster, and casual sex is never enough when you want the white picket fence and brood of rugrats to fill your days. Just when the trio thinks they’ll never find a woman to take them on, it appears fate is merciful, and drops temptation in their path in a feisty, curvy-as-hell package. This temptation, though, could lead them into ruin. They want her. She’s forbidden fruit. So what happens when three decently ordinary guys make one insanely bad decision out of desperation and fear they’ll never find their ‘one’?

They play my game. And if they lose, they stand to lose it all. Small price to pay for my freedom.

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