Plagued Dagger by Darcy Ray Available January 10

Author: Darcy Ray

I’m only the monster you created.

We were in love.

You were my world.

Yet you betrayed me.

Bestowed to me at a young age with an unknown destiny, a dagger lying hidden from the world. That is until you broke something inside of me. Its new purpose? Vengeance.

Alone, I start this trek to stop the devastating events you put into motion. I know there will be war, death, and despair — but what I don’t expect are men just as bloodthirsty as I am. Their reasoning may be different, but in the end, we have the same goal; To win.

Be Warned — Welding this cursed dagger, I’ll cut you and anyone in my path. Atlantis is my home, one worth slaying for.

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