The Shepherd Vol. 1 Available October 3

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Author: Andrea Lorenzo Molinari & Roberto Xavier-Valentin Molinari

The Shepherd is a supernatural thriller comic book series set in the afterlife written by Andrea Lorenzo Molinari and Roberto Xavier Molinari and illustrated by Luca Panciroli and Ryan Showers, published by Scout Comics.

Prof. Lawrence Miller falls into a dark vortex of guilt and anger after enduring the tragic death of his teenage son. He cannot shake the sense that his son is now a lost soul, wandering between heaven and earth. Grieving and profoundly disturbed, he pursues his son into the afterlife.

Once on the other side, he encounters his deceased father and is given a mystical pendant of great power. Unfortunately, in Lawrence’s hands it becomes a weapon that allows him to unleash his fury on those who caused his son’s death, leaving a trail of insanity and chaos in his wake. His existence becomes a terrifying conflict between his unchecked anger and his dawning understanding that he has lost his way.

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