Snake Hotel (2023) | Horror, Thriller Movie | Natasha Tosini | Kelly Rian Sanson

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A group of female inmates wanting to shorten their prison sentences take part in a hellish game of cat and mouse with a giant mutated snake.

Two sisters, Mia and Linda, are stuck carrying out a grueling five-year sentence in a women’s prison. When Ms. Fang, an eccentric millionaire, persuades the warden of the women’s prison to let her “purchase” some girls for her private game show, Mia and her sister are two of the six women selected and are brought to a private hotel to participate in Fang’s deadly game. They quickly find themselves fighting for their lives against giant mutated snakes, all for the entertainment of the rich viewers, who are gambling on which of the women will be the last one standing.
Selling Points

Starring: Natasha Tosini, Kelly Rian Sanson, Jason Rivers, Vitaliya Dias

Director: Charles Solly