The Principles of Necromancy Vol. 1 Available September 10

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Author: Collin Kelly & Jackson Lanzing

Behold the glorious and gut-wrenching work of DOCTOR JAKOB EYES, the world’s first necromancer!

In a dark fantasy world of medicine and madness, a sadistic and terrible medical doctor wanders a brutalist, monster-filled landscape where biology and medicine are the only form of “magic”. His goal: to overcome death itself. DOCTOR JAKOB EYES is a mad master of his craft – and god help the man or king who stands in his way!

To see Jakob Eyes – or truly any Doctor – is to know fear, even if you are injured – for a Doctor is mercurial and can act in ways mere humans cannot understand. They are the mad scientists of this horrifying kingdom… and this story is about the one that even other Doctors learn to fear. A man who seeks to make death irrelevant and looks upon his calling with a kind of mad glee. A man who can rebuild people like they were machines… and combine them just as quickly. Doctor Eyes won’t just fix a person… he will make them magnificent!

The Eisner Award nominated writing duo of Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing (Guardians of the Galaxy, Outsiders, Star Trek) return to creator-owned comics for the first time since 2016 with this macabre series brought to life by the evocatively horrific art of Eamon Winkle!

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