The Dead And Deadly (Eureka Classics) New & Exclusive Trailer

Criminally unseen in the West, The Dead And Deadly is a horror-action-comedy-special effects extravaganza in the in the same vein as MR. Vampire and Encounters Of The Spooky Kind. Directed by Wu Ma (one of Hong Kong cinema’s most beloved multi-hyphenates; over a 50-year career he was hugely successful in writing, directing, producing, and acting) in perhaps his best directorial effort, and also starring Sammo Hung – THE DEAD AND THE DEADLY is a must-see for both horror and action fans.

Wu Ma also stars as a man who fakes his death in order to steal his family’s funeral treasure. When the treasure is instead bequeathed to Ma’s unborn son, his co-conspirators kill him (for real this time). His vengeful spirit seeks out the help of his friend (played by Sammo Hung) and together they seek revenge on his murderers.

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